Data Security is a Disquiet – Even for Tech Giants like Google!

Google a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. is probably one of the most recognized names and technology used by billions of users worldwide on the everyday basis. The 18 years old company has a huge impact on lives of billions of people. It has changed the way we learn, educate, communicate, work and even entertain ourselves. From bringing the information of all types and nature to only a few keystrokes to giving a new perspective to electronic mailing, Google has way too many accolades under its belt and continues to add more.

But to our surprise, earlier this morning Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc.’s self driving car unit “Waymo” filed a lawsuit against Uber for violation of intellectual property. The lawsuit accuses a former Google employee “Anthony Levandowski” who now runs Uber’s self-driving car unit downloaded 14,000 files from the company before quitting his job to found his own company.

Uber’s self-driving car drives through the city for mapping and topography purpose.

Uber’s self-driving car drives through the city for mapping and topography purpose.

The lawsuit is filed in a federal court in San Francisco and only time can lead us to a conclusion whether any data was stolen or not. While both parties defend each other in the court of law, here are a few pointers for small and medium enterprises to ponder upon and ensuring data security.

Data security is as important as the data itself..

The first key element that costs data infiltration to a business is taking this matter lightly. Every day, thousands of lawsuits are filed against millions of defendants. Some of them are found guilty, most of them are not because of the inability and absence of documented evidence. When a company takes all the necessary measures to ensure data security, even thefts and unauthorized use of intellectual property is no longer a concern. You can either spend thousands on lawsuits or take the time to consider digital security and protect your business against thefts and losses. From a simple email exchange with your clients and customers to the use of technology within your business premises Data has great significance to your business and can be secured and protected.

SMEs or giants like Google, data breaches, and thefts come in all sizes.

Data theft from a company as big as Google is a clear indication that small or gigantic corporations, none are safe of breaches and data thefts. Occupational fraud and abuses are real and costs as much as USD 3.5 trillion to businesses all across the world. Many independent and state level research suggest, up to 60 – 70% of data theft victims are small and medium enterprises. Shocking? Here’s what more shocking – some of the victims of data theft are even shut down within 12 – 24 months.

Employees are strength but data is priceless.

Google is known for keeping only the best minds and the smartest resources in its court. It is also known for compensating its employees the best possible ways one could think of. But even after such an empowering workplace culture, you still cannot ignore data security. By numerous ways and means, you can ensure the safe use of technology/computer within workplace such as the limited ability to upload and download data, maintaining logs, cloud storage and more. As sad it is to write here, one of the major and surprising reasons for compromised data and breaches? Employees.

SMEs Data Theft

According to a research, nearly two-third of employees steal data on the way out and guess what, they don’t believe it’s wrong. Sometimes just non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) won’t’ work. Secure your internet, monitor the use of technology, create backups and logs and put it on cloud technology.

Update, educate yourself and your employees.

Things get worse when you don’t even know what you’re dealing with. You don’t understand the technology and the backdoors that can result in data breaches and theft. According to various surveys, up to 20% of former employees have access to employer’s computer sometimes for a week, sometimes a month, and sometimes more than a month. The first step towards digital and data security is knowing what and how to secure. Evaluate and ensure all the technology is up to the standards and updated. Educate employees about the use of technology at workplace and company’s data policies. Enforce IT security and last but not the least take reasonable steps to protect business information.

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