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Barracuda Email Security

Comprehensive email filtering

An email has undoubtedly become a valued communication tool among organisations worldwide. However, email loses communication efficiency with frequent virus attacks and the alarming influx of spam. Spam is digital junk mail which represents the vast majority of email traffic on the Internet. Therefore, spam is no longer a simple annoyance; it is a significant security issue and a massive drain on financial resources. It is simply astounding and unacceptable.

It’s time to protect yourself against dangerous emails and other online threats like viruses and malware.

Filtering email in two advanced processes

Today, there are several solutions designed to help alleviate the spam problem. But, first, organisations should consider what they want in an email filtering solution.

Barracuda Email Security Gateway is an easy-to-use, affordable enterprise-class hardware and software solution for businesses of all sizes that comprehensively evaluates each email, using two main classes of sophisticated algorithms and techniques:

  1. Connection management
  2. Mail scanning

Emails are filtered through five defence layers to verify the authenticity of envelope information and any inappropriate incoming mail connections dropped before receiving the message. It happens during the connection management process.

Any emails that survive the connection verification process must undergo a thorough mail scanning process involving an additional seven defence layers of message analysis. In addition, the algorithms and techniques used by the Barracuda Email Security Gateway are continuously updated via the hourly Barracuda Energize Updates service to stay ahead of spam trends as they emerge.

Connection management

The connection management process only requires less processing time. As a result, more than half of the total email volume can be blocked through connection management techniques for small or medium businesses. On the other hand, extensive Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or small web hosts can observe block rates at the connection management layers exceeding 99% of total email volume while under attack.

Network Denial of Service (DoS) protection

The Barracuda Email Security Gateway receives an email on behalf of the organisation and insulates the organisation’s email server by receiving direct Internet connections and the associated threats.

Rate controls

Automated spam software sends large amounts of emails to a single email server. It protects the email infrastructure from flood-based attacks, and the Barracuda Email Security Gateway can count the number of incoming connections from a particular IP address and throttles the contacts when a specific threshold exceeds.

Organisations that relay email through known servers or frequently communicate with known partners can add the IP addresses of those trusted relays and good email servers to the Rate Control exemption list.

Virus scanning

Virus scanning is a fundamental level of mail scanning. The Barracuda Email Security Gateway predicts, prevents, detects, and remediates even the latest cyber threats and uses three layers of virus scanning with automatic decompressed archives for comprehensive protection. As a result, our customers receive the best and most comprehensive virus and malware protection, using well-respected and influential open source virus definition lists and Barracuda Networks’ proprietary virus definitions.

Custom policy

Administrators can choose to define their policies, perhaps for compliance or governance reasons. Through Barracuda Energize Updates, it can take precedence over spam blocking rules delivered to the system automatically. The Barracuda Email Security Gateway enables administrators to set custom content based on the subject, message headers, message bodies, and attachment file type. In short, administrators do not need to develop their filters to block spam, as these forms of rules must be delivered to Barracuda Email Security Gateways automatically and directly through Barracuda Energize Updates.

Fingerprint analysis

Message fingerprints are profiles created from known spam’s unique form and characteristics. The providers use the spam to produce a message fingerprint, which is then incorporated into the filtering system to detect messages with a similar profile accurately.

Therefore, fingerprint analysis is often a valuable mechanism to block future spam cases once an early outbreak is identified.

Engineers at Barracuda Labs work 24/ 7 to identify new spam fingerprints, and those are thoroughly updated on all Barracuda Email Security Gateways through hourly Barracuda Energize Updates.

Intent analysis

Spam messages intend to get a user to reply to an email, visit a website or call a phone number. It involves researching email addresses, Web links, and contact numbers embedded in email messages to determine whether they are associated with legitimate entities. It is also a defence layer that catches phishing attacks. The Barracuda Email Security Gateway features multiple forms of Intent Analysis. Spoofing or Spoofing Attack A spoofing attack is when a person or program masquerades successfully as another by falsifying all data and gaining an illegitimate advantage. For instance, spoofing is often used in spam attacks to forge sender email addresses. Sender Policy Framework is an extension to SMTP that helps prevent sender forgery. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol is a networking protocol for querying and modifying directory services running over TCP/IP.

Let Geforce Technologies specialists assist you in securing your emails!

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