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Today’s digital landscape is filled with cyber threats and is constantly evolving and increasingly complex.

It’s almost impossible for most businesses to have the cyber security tools and solutions and keep security measures updated. Unfortunately, it’s always more accessible than ever for hackers to initiate an attack. That is why organisations now experience increased risk and higher levels of uncertainty.

Cyber criminals are getting more bold and their tactics become more resilient to conventional cyber defences that can cost companies millions.

Improve your security posture against cyber attacks

Geforce Technologies provides a full range of top-tier cyber security services and solutions to strengthen your enterprise and support your business with operational resilience, flawless data privacy, and robust protection against cyber threats.

We can provide the cyber strategy and protection to your specific business needs. We quantify and prioritise your risks against cyber attacks with proactive, focused, industry-relevant threat intelligence to identify and prevent a cyber-security breach. We give the confidence that comes from knowing your business is secure.

If you need help where to start, we recommend every company prioritise these cyber security tactics:

  • Start with your firewall and upgrade your network security infrastructure
  • Perform regular software updates and patches
  • Secure the network edge
  • Perform a cyber security risk assessment.

Start with your firewall and upgrade your network security infrastructure

To deal with the sophistication and frequency of cyber attacks, thoroughly assess your infrastructure to determine network security viability and create a prioritised plan to address any deficiencies.

Start with your network firewall. While Legacy firewalls provide basic packet filtering, inspection, and VPN capabilities, they typically cannot protect against current threats.

We provide comprehensive threat protection, including application control, intrusion protection, antivirus, and deep packet inspection. It performs all functions simultaneously with no performance degradation while also offering integrated security management and scalability to meet future requirements.

Perform regular software updates and patches

Aging software is especially susceptible to cyber attacks. It might include repairing discovered security holes and fixing or removing computer bugs. A trusted security program keeps your devices secure, and that can potentially help all those people you interact with online. But it’s also important to know that anti-virus protection isn’t enough to protect your devices against all cyber threats. Identify any software that the manufacturer or provider no longer supports so that it can be upgraded or replaced.

Secure the network edge

Many enterprises ensure their data centre is secure at the core of their network architecture. But what about branch offices and retail locations? In today’s digital business environment, applications, workflows, and information need to move seamlessly across domains and your cyber security strategies must follow. As a result, a network edge becomes more fluid and harder to define, focusing on closing vulnerabilities wherever they may be evident. To do so, you must have the right intrusion detection system and security incident response plan in place.

Perform a cyber security risk assessment

A structured risk assessment identifies and addresses significant security gaps and puts your company’s data, digital assets and network at risk.

A typical evaluation involves:

  • Defining the system
  • Identifying threats
  • determining the potential impact
  • Analysing the environment
  • Calculating the associated security risk.

Some enterprises choose to engage a partner with expertise in specialised information security services. The right partner brings extensive experience to the table, provides an objective view of your organisation, and enhances steps to remediate any identified issues.

We offer information security services

  • Cyber security consulting
  • Network security monitoring
  • Information security assessments
  • Data governance
  • Managed security services
  • Third-party risk management
  • Governance, risk & compliance.

 What we do

  • Our team uses advanced information protection, intrusion prevention and threat intelligence tools to effectively protect your vital IT system from common threats and novel.
  • We help you extend your security expertise to address your security needs, enabling the all-around protection of your business.
  • We ensure solid business continuity and perform proactive security monitoring, and use robust backup and disaster recovery tools to exclude disruptions across your cloud or hybrid infrastructure.
  • We provide in-depth security audits risk assessments, reinforce your security posture and perform simulated attacks to help you build a resilient security system.
  • Our experts provide compliance assessment, consulting, and implementation services to help you ensure ultimate data privacy.
  • We reduce business risks, eliminate data breaches and leaks, thus helping you avoid significant financial losses, reputational damage and stolen intellectual property.
  • By delegating security tasks, you can reduce costs by hiring in-house experts, control expenses by scaling our services and redirecting your IT resources to critical strategic tasks.

Our core principles are evident

We aim to:

  • Be your trusted compliance advisor, knowing that you can leave your IT security to us
  • Save you from breaches and attacks on your systems and other damages to reduce enterprise-wide risk
  •  Provide expert consulting services to fit each of your specific security needs.
  •  Provide you the peace of mind you need by detecting and responding to threats on your behalf.

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